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“You. Are. Stunning…” Ludwig’s mouth hung open as he saw __________.  
Her dress embraced her perfectly. It was simple, elegant, and just drop dead gorgeous.  It was in a very light shade of peach, gradually getting darker as it reached the bottom. The dress was made out of a silky and light material, long enough to cover her toes. It floated with every step she took. The single-shoulder showed off her beautifully toned neckline. The detailing in the single strap was gorgeous as well, hollow swirls made its way up her shoulder, connecting to the back, giving that small hint of liveliness.
__________’s hair was tied up in a loose bun. With her small earrings and peachy lip stick, Ludwig stared speechless.
“Thank you,” she grinned with a light blush. Taking the hand that he offered her, _________stepped into the car.
“So,” Ludwig said, entering through the driver’s side, “excited?”
“Oh, you bet,” she responded, fidgety in her seat.
With a grin, Ludwig drove off to _________’s graduation.

The graduates were being called up one by one in alphabetical order to receive their diplomas. Ludwig sat beside ___________’s parents as he shot a glance at ___________ as she stood offstage waiting for her name to be called. __________’s mother was tearing up as _________’s father handed her a handkerchief, giving Ludwig his camera and gesturing him to take pictures. With a smile, he took the camera and held it to his eye.
“__________ (first name) _________ (last name),” the professor called.
With a marvelous and toothy smile, __________ walked on stage in her bachelor gown, her peachy dress peeking through the ends. She waved in his direction, which her parents responded with cheers.
Chuckling to himself, Ludwig snapped photos of her walking onstage, shaking the professors’ hands, taking the diploma, and posing as she walked off stage.
“Jeez, she’s gorgeous,” Ludwig mumbled under his breath as he went through the pictures he just took.
“Good genes,” Mr _________ (last name) joked beside him.
Ludwig chuckled.
“Come on, you two,” Mrs __________ (last name) said, “they’re finishing up, let’s meet up with her.”

___________(best friend) took your arms and swung them from side to side, skipping and hopping beside you. “We’re done __________, we’re done with school!” she said rather loudly, “you look gorgeous by the way, is that Beethoven guy here? He needs to see this!”
You laughed, “Beethoven? You mean Ludwig? Yeah, he’s here… somewhere…” you stood on your tippy toes and searched around the room for any sign of his blond hair. You squeaked as you felt someone grab your waist and hug you from behind. Turning, you found yourself tackled by Ludwig, your parents walking not far behind him.
“Congrats baby,” Luddy nuzzled your neck with is nose. You felt a playful smirk growing on his face.
You escaped his grasp as your parents approached, giving each of them a hug. A conversation spread cheerfully between your mother and your best friend, as her parents approached as well.
“So, I heard you two are going on vacation,” your dad mentioned to Ludwig. You had told him about your vacation to Germany over the phone a few days ago.
“Yeah,” Ludwig responded, he seemed to have gotten pretty close to your parents, “I thought it’d be fun, visiting my home country and all.”
Your father raised an eyebrow and smirked, “well,” he mumbled, “stay protected.”
After a second of processing that, you blushed wildly, “dad!”
“Well,” he chuckled, “it’s not like I don’t want a grandchild, it’s just that—”
“DAD!” you interrupted, blushing like Spanish tomatoes.
“Sorry honey,” he responded, elbowing Ludwig as they laughed together.
Light conversations were casually tossed back and forth between your family and _______’s (best friend) family. As time passed, people started to clear out. Ludwig tugged your arm and wondered, “are you going to the after-party?”
“Um…” you hesitated, “no, I still have to pack for Berlin.”
“What?” ________(best friend) called, “you’re not going? But everyone’s going.”
You gave an apologetic smile.
“We’ll go in her place,” you dad joked.
Passing around a few goodbyes and hugs, you were left with Ludwig as the rest left the auditorium. Walking to the parking lot hand in hand, Ludwig took off his jacket and placed it lightly on your shoulders. You smiled sweetly up at him. “Do I get to meet your parents in Berlin? You said that’s where you’re from right?”
He paused, tensing slightly, “um… no, they are not there anymore.”
“Oh,” you responded unknowingly, “where do they live now?”
Following another long pause, he responded, “they passed away when I was small.”
You stopped, Ludwig stopping along with you. You looked up into his sky-blue eyes in awe, “s-sorry,” you squeezed his hand a little tighter, feeling moistened in the corners of your eyes. It’s been months since you had started dating, it wasn’t until tonight did you realize just how little you knew about Ludwig.
He smiled ever-so-tenderly and brought your head closer to him. He planted a kiss on your hairline and said quietly, “it’s fine darling. It was a long time ago anyways, I’m used to it now.”
Still in a loss of words, Ludwig guided you towards the car. You stared at him in wary on the drive back. A strong urge grew inside you. You wanted to learn the story of his past, the past of this man you claimed to be your lover.
“Do you need help packing?” Ludwig said as he stopped in front of your apartment.
“Um…” you thought about it for a second, “nah, I’m almost done anyway.”
“Well if you don’t need me to come in,” he kissed your hand with a smirk as you returned a kiss on his cheek, “I’ll be here at ten in the morning and we’ll be on our way.”
You gave a toothy grin of excitement, “I am sooo excited Luddy!”
He chuckled as you stepped out the car, waving as he drove off.

“Germany?” the boss looked up from his paperwork at the man dressed in black.
“Yes, sir, they are heading off to Berlin. The flight is scheduled tomorrow morning.”
The older man sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose, “send eight agents there to go after them.”
“Yes, sir,” the man in black nodded in acknowledgement as he turned on his heels to leave, pausing before opening the office door, “sir, why are we putting in so many forces to get Ludwig? ” he questioned out of curiosity, “we have never done this with any other agent. And that girl, why does she matter?”
The boss sighed in annoyance, cursing in his mind about young people and their curiosity, “because, as much as I hate to admit it, Ludwig is one of our top agents. If he, by any means, decides to turn against us…let’s just say we don’t exactly want that to happen. The girl… _________(first name) _________(last name), she should have known better than to date Ludwig. We can’t afford anyone from the outside knowing too much.”
“But sir, isn’t this a little too non-humanitarian…”
“Just do it!” the boss interrupted, “you do not question my authority!”
“Y-yes, sir!”
As the young agent left the room, the man sighed again and smirked. “Humanitarian,” he mocked, “nonsense.”
this is a light chapter...sort of...OKAY MINUS THE ENDING, CLIFFY'S BACK AGAIN. I feel like I should have came up with something better than "the boss" cause I feel like loling every time I see that.
I got inspired by a picture of a dress on tumblr and decided to make it your grad dress...I lost the link so you'll have to use your imagination! (...Sorry! -_-")


sixth: [link]
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RUSSIA, Y U so mean?
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"You do not question my authority!!" Eric Cartman good I like it!!
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